Friday, 20 June 2014

Fail compilation. Russian style

News.Russia smells thieves out of Harley-Davidson

- Russia is gathering again troops near ukrainian border
- Ronaldo may be out of World Cup
- First smelly message
- anti-thieves system for smartphones
- Harley-Davidson going green..

BetCard.I see a draw for Italy

Italy - Costa Rica X (Odd:4.00)
Switzerland - France 2 (Odd:1.90)
Hounduras - Ecuador 2 (Odd:1.66)
Final Odd: 12.72

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Girls on Facebook.#21

Nikki Leigh

16-0 match on Office.CS Global Offensive + random ace on Dust 2

Last week I had some good matches on CS GO and in some of them I had a lot of luck too.
A 16-0 match:

and a Ace on Site A - Dust 2:

News. King of Facebook low disability for internet speed

- Facebook ban videos with fake play buttons
- new Spain King: Felipe VI
- lowest priced I-Mac. “Just” $1,099
- no more app permission to Android auto-update
- Facebook now shares with advertisers your browsing history
not that you are surprised and believe that is happening from now..
- EU to declare obesity as disability
they should declare normal weights and underweights as disability too..
- FCC looking into slow Internet download speeds

Lag in real life

BetCard.Sure this is really how will happen

Columbia – Ivory Coast x (Odd:3.50)
Uruguay – England 2 (Odd:2.05)
Japan – Greece 2 (Odd:3.50)
Final Odd: 25.11

Friday, 6 June 2014

#16.Friday Quotes&Gifs

When you listen too much motivational speeches

Scissor in 3D.My Blender